The Origins Of Brunch & How It Has Changed Today

We’ve all heard the word, ‘brunch’, and have probably said it at least once in our lives so far - but what exactly is brunch and how did the term originate?


Brunch is something that you have when you’ve woken up later than expected and it’s too late to call it ‘breakfast’. Brunch is also something that you may plan with your friends or family as a means of getting together to eat out, but wouldn’t exactly call it ‘lunch’.

We’ve all heard the word, ‘brunch’, and have probably said it at least once in our lives so far - but what exactly is brunch and how did the term originate?

Was brunch the same back then as it is now?

The definition of ‘brunch’

According to Cambridge Dictionary, brunch is a noun meaning “a meal eaten in the late morning that is a combination of breakfast and lunch”. It’s pretty simple - brunch is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch.

The history of brunch

The term could be said to have been coined by an Englishman named Guy Beringer who published an essay in 1895 titled, Brunch: A Plea. In this essay, Beringer used brunch as a means of curing a Sunday hangover by avoiding breakfast and having brunch instead, of which the latter consists of a combination of the light aspects (e.g. tea) of the former, and the solid aspects (e.g. meat) of lunch.

The idea was that brunch would start at noon, allowing more time for rest after “Saturday night carousers”, so it became known as Sunday brunch.

Beringer states that brunch “is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk-compelling”, meaning that this Sunday brunch is purposefully a social event that improves people’s moods. He also notes that tea or coffee can be substituted for alcoholic drinks.

As this term garnered popularity, it could also be maintained that brunch was more prominent within the British upper classes as something a little fancy and lavish.

Nevertheless, brunch has existed in British culture for people of all classes since the late 19th century, and it is still going strong as of the 21st century.

Brunch as it’s known today

Beringer’s Sunday brunch is still similar to what we know brunch to be today. A particular difference, however, is the fact that many venues now offer brunch on other days and not exclusively on Sundays. You can find places serving brunch everyday even!

Brunch menus are typically served only during specific times of the day, which can range from 10:30am to 2pm. You can expect light meals, appetisers, snacks, and of course cocktails or alcoholic beverages to be available on those brunch menus.

What has arguably made brunch more appealing to people nowadays is the option of bottomless brunch. As the name suggests, bottomless brunch allows you and friends to enjoy bottomless drinks for a limited amount of time and for a certain fee.

Brunch is undoubtedly tied to drinking culture. Whether that’s having brunch after a night out, or having brunch for the (bottomless) cocktails, brunch is a way to enjoy some daytime drinking with others without judgement.

Of course there’s the fact that it’s a way to spend time with friends and family; brunch is also inexplicably a social pastime, and alcohol is a great conversation catalyst and sustainer.

Brunch has evolved since the 1890s, and here in London, you can find brunch parties that mix brunch with partying, meaning you can enjoy bottomless brunch and dance on the dancefloor straight after!

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